Living up to the name ‘Network Centre’ we are proud to be the home of local business who rent space within our centre, the income from renting these spaces assist us as a charity by bringing in a regular income to help us to continue to run as an organisation, also it is our way of yet again helping to build a stronger community within Millom.

Jan is a Holistic Energy Healer, working with beautiful powerful energies, this amazing healing is for all ailments from addictions, to OCD, anxieties, depressions, past life balancing tuning & aligning.

Readings are given with the assistance from the Angelic world and those of loved ones from the past.

Jan also has a beautiful range of holistic gifts from around the world, ranging from incense burners, oracle cards, oils, right through to stunning wall hangings and crystals, we very highly recommend a visit if you are seeking spiritual guidance, looking for that special gift for a loved one or even just for yourself.

Resuming in the New Year, Jan will be holding her wonderfully successful development classes. Contact her for further details.

Her hours are 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday through until Saturday, CLOSED on Sunday

Why not check out her wonderful Facebook page @JANCOSTELLOHOLISTICTHERAPY


The next wonderful business that we have within our Network Centre is owned by the lovely Sarah Sharpe, we are also lucky to have her onboard as a trustee.
Whenever Sarah is within her office we are treated to the most amazing fragrances that waft down our corridor.

Sarah is a very familiar face at all the local markets such as Ulverston and Dalton to name just a couple.

Sarah sells a fantastic range of items from Soaps, Soap Sponges, Wax Melts, Aroma Lamps (one of which is situated within our Rydal meeting room) Room Sprays, Bath Bombs, Candles and so much more.

Please check out her Facebook page; @Sarahsgiftsandhomefragrance