At Millom Network Centre, we try to sum up our purpose with one simple phrase: Everybody is welcome!

As a small community charity, we understand the importance of making sure that everyone can find a place to be welcomed and that nobody is excluded. We try and live out this ethos whenever we take part in our services to the local area.

To that end, we want everyone to know that Everybody is Welcome at Millom Network Centre!

We know that sometimes the thing that people need most is a smile and a kind word. So if you want to come in for a cuppa and a chat then feel free! Plus, we’ll be there to help in whatever way we can if you have other kinds of problems which you don’t want to face alone.

We firmly believe in the phrase ‘together we can achieve’ and that when we collaborate, we can solve all kinds of problems that simply can’t be resolved alone. That’s why we work with a number of other organisations who we can help you get in touch with for more specific issues you might be facing.

And if you find yourself with lots of free time and nothing to do with it, we’re also keen to find enthusiastic new volunteers! Donating some of your spare time is of great help to us and it could well be of great help to you too, helping you learn new skills and develop great confidence!

So, if you want a chat, if you need some help, or if you want to help out yourself, head up to Millom Network Centre at Unit 3 on the Devonshire Road Industrial Estate. If you want more information, you can also phone us on 01229 666025 or email us at