Millom Network Centre’s Food Pantry has two goals. First, help reduce the amount of supermarket food that goes to waste. Second, help the local community save some money.

MNC Food Pantry Box

A typical Food Pantry box containing bread, vegetables, tinned foods, and other assorted items.

The Food Pantry achieves both of these goals with one solution. We collect a variety of products from supermarkets that are still perfectly useable but have moved beyond their sell-by dates.

Then we sort these products into food boxes, ready to be sold on to the local community at a low cost! The food finds a good home instead of a landfill and peoples’ weekly grocery shopping becomes a lot cheaper.

The Food Pantry is for anyone in Millom who wants to get involved. If you want a food box for yourself then simply contact us for a registration form! Once registered you can choose to pay on the day in cash or you can pay via our preferred method of a weekly standing order.

Please note that there’s a maximum of 2 boxes per customer!

The pantry runs between 9:30 and 12:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Boxes cost £3.50 if you pick them up in person or £4.50 if you want your box delivered to you.

For further information, get in touch by calling 01229 666025 or email