The award-winning Millom STEM Clubs feature out-of-school sessions that enrich and broaden kids’ curriculums. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and those topics are exactly what your child will learn!

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Kids learn about STEM subjects through safe, fun experiments organised by the club and overseen by STEM Ambassadors. The practical nature of the clubs is great for engaging kids and helping them learn in a very different way from school!

The clubs are also a great way for kids to learn about teamwork, time management, and responsibility, not to mention practical skills like writing out forms and reports. Many previous STEM Clubs have gone on to win awards for their projects which have propelled them into STEM-related careers!

We work in collaboration with the British Science Association (BSA) to help STEM Club members attain Crest Awards.

There are various levels of certification and depending on the projects’ depth of study and providing the study meets the BSA’s criteria, certification can be bronze, silver or gold.

These projects are normally undertaken over a period of hours, with a minimum of ten for bronze, forty hours for silver and seventy for gold. The projects are assessed by BSA assessors and if they satisfy the criteria, the certificate is awarded.

Projects can be single-person or team-based collaborations.

Skills learnt are favoured by industry and UCAS because they encourage research and analytical skills, practical report-writing and presentation skills.

On top of all of this, it’s a great way for kids to socialise and make new friends!

If your child has a love of the sciences, technology, engineering, or maths and you want a way to help them get on board, then look into the STEM Clubs hosted by Millom Network Centre!

Here are just a few quotes we’ve received about peoples’ experiences with STEM Club…

“Communication is an important life skill. Through STEM Club, I had the privilege to digitally present my project for the Birmingham Big Bang 2020. I had to prepare a five-minute speech and I believe I have become more confident through this opportunity, as well as speaking with notable figures such as an important member of SAGE during an online event. During my presentation, I demonstrated an electrolysis experiment. STEM has taught me experiment skills and problem-solving skills.”
“My Gold Crest project was called ‘the use of smart materials to monitor open wound conditions and detect the early onset of diabetic sores’. This independent research project enhanced my interest in a healthcare career and played a key role in all my university interviews. I was introduced to a variety of people through this project including healthcare professionals that I spoke to while I was researching diabetes; MPs and STEM representatives when I showcased my project in parliament; listeners of Heart FM when I was interviewed about the project; and the students and STEM representatives at the Big Bang National Finals where I was awarded the Royal Institution Faraday Award. While the project helped me develop many key skills, the most important were my communication and my confidence, both of which helped me secure the places to study medicine or pharmacy at university following my interviews.”
“My son really enjoyed his STEM session in the half-term holiday. He was enthusiastic about the activities he had taken part in and was pleased to bring home what he had made. He said that the grown-ups were kind and helped everyone and he seemed able to talk with knowledge about what he had been learning. His only complaint was he wished some of his closest friends had booked for the same session as his! But my son can lack confidence in new situations, and I am very pleased with how he got on. Thank you to all. I would be interested in further STEM opportunities that your group might organise for both my boys, aged (10) and (12) so please do keep us informed of any upcoming events. We are very lucky to have great local people like you giving their time and skills to engage, motivate and inspire our children.”

For further information, you can contact,, or Alternatively, you can come down to Millom Network Centre and inquire in person!